Puppy Love!!!

Boston Terrier being big brother to English Bulldog

English Bulldog (Hannah)

We market some of the greatest bulldogs puppies you will ever locate ! English Bulldog puppies for sale at www.gaugerslittlebullies.com 913-370-0358 Video Rating: / five Elliot the bully grunting at me

Samson The English Bulldog “Wipes Out”

Samson loves to go the beach, where he wades in the water and “wipes out” in the sand. Video Rating: 4 / 5 www.joshjackson.info English Bulldog puppy playing with food dish. she wasn’t happy that it was empty

Dog Tales Training Segment – Behind the Scenes

“Dog Tales” is a show all about kids and dogs and it airs nationally in over 170 markets. On August 25, 2010 Jonathan Klein of “I Said Sit!” shot a segment teaching clicker training for kids and their dogs. Enjoy a viewing from behind the...