One of the biggest questions associated with training a Puggle is if it is difficult since it is a hybrid dog and not a purebred. Many inquire if they should use methods for training a Pug, methods for training a Beagle, or a little bit of both. Every single purebred dog is bred for a very specific temperament. Therefore, the way in which an individual would train a Beagle to develop their favorable traits and characteristics would differ greatly than the techniques used to train a Pug to bring out their favorable traits and characteristics. The same can hold true when it comes to Puggles. 

Because a Puggle is a hybrid of two pure canines, the Pug and the Beagle, there are characteristics of both dog breeds that the Puggle possesses. It is beneficial to research the overall temperament of both the Pug and the Beagle to figure out the various behavioral issues that, as a Puggle owner, you should be aware of. This can include how stubborn both breeds are and how swiftly they can adapt to commands and verbal cues. Being armed with this vital information will most definitely aid you in training your Puggle for perfection!

Many discover that most Puggles are very easy to train and have a very good temperament to their owners and other animals. However, the overall ability of a Puggle to learn effectively from their training is very dependent on how you, as their owner, train them. When you are receiving instructions on how to effectively train your Puggle, there are some outside influences that may make it add in some additional levels of difficulty. These factors may include taking the Puggle puppy away from their mother much too soon, defects and health problems due to inbreeding, no proper socialization with other animals and humans, lack of adequate exercise, and not correcting any bad behaviors as soon as they arise.

Aside from the previous items mentioned and having comprehensive knowledge about the temperament of the dog, there are no large differences between training your Puggle and training a purebred. The main thing to remember with training is to remain consistent with the training and be patient with the Puggle puppy. Do all the training techniques repetitively and always have positive reinforcement available, such as treats, when they obey a command properly. Training your Puggle should be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, including your pup!

It is always beneficial to talk to a Puggle breeder about the history of this hybrid dog, common characteristics, and what to look out for with the Puggle when it comes to specific traits. Always know the rules to be enforced and the commands that you want to teach the Puggle. Make sure everyone in the household knows the commands and their associated verbal cues and hand gestures as to ensure that training will be uniform. Nothing confuses a Puggle, or any dog for that matter, more than inconsistent commands during training. Remember, the overall success of Puggle training will depend on you as the trainer!

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