Puggles are actually very easy to train because they are so intelligent and willing to please. This breed of dog can learn any basic command, and some advanced ones, if you are willing to work with them. Unlike some dogs, once the Puggle learns a trick or preferred behavior, they never forget it. The hardest aspect of training that you will experience is in the area of potty training. These dogs are very stubborn at times, and even though they love to perform and please their owners, the stubbornness that is breed into them will sometimes affect how they respond and act. The easiest way to train these dogs is the reward and repetition mode, which ingrains the specific task into their memories.

Puggles need to have lots of opportunity to exercise in order to satisfy their need to work, so training your dog is best accomplished while out for walks. They have specific genes in their breeding hierarchies that make them have the need to work, so activities such as agility and obstacle courses, as well as fetch, are the easiest to teach to them. They love to have a purpose, and when it comes to training, they need to feel as if the activity is a worthwhile endeavor.

These dogs prefer to learn tricks rather than obedience tasks, because it is more interesting and meaningful to them. So when training them, use toys and treats to reward them when they do something right, but do not scold them loudly when they do something wrong because they have deep feelings that are easily hurt.

When Puggles get bored or anxious, they will chew anything and everything within their reach. To prevent this, keep a number of soft chew toys on hand. When they try to chew anything else, tell them “no” with authority and give them one of their toys. It will not take these dogs long to realize what they can and cannot chew.

As with other breeds of dogs, some Puggles can be very vocal. The ones that like to bark at people and animals that pass by the fence, or a window that they can see out of, need to be worked with. The easiest way to solve this problem is to deny them access to windows that are open, and do not allow them to run up and down the fence and bark at everything that they see or smell. Scold them, without yelling, when they do bark. When someone walks by and they do not bark, reward them with a treat and words of praise. These dogs love to please, so after they realize what makes you happy and what doesn’t, they will live up to your expectations.

Puggles are easy to train because they are so intelligent, as long as you work with them and not against them. They are active dogs, so action tasks are easier and more enjoyable for them to learn. Follow the few simple tips above and your dog will be well behaved in no time.

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