Individuals enjoy being dog owners. When you are thinking about becoming a dog owner, one of the first things to select is the breed of dog. English Bulldogs are extremely popular ? they are big and cute, they are amazing companions, and they protect their family fiercely because of their loyalty to that family. When looking to purchase an English Bulldog from a reputable dealer, there are things to consider.

First, you need to determine if you are prepared to be an English Bulldog owner. When you purchase an English Bulldog, you need to be willing to devote everything to ensuring the health and happiness of the dog, have the budget to afford an English Bulldog food and veterinary appointments, and you need to claim responsibility for the actions of the puppy around other individuals and dogs.

Items to consider include body type, size, color, and sex. Some English Bulldogs are stout while others are shaped a bit more like a blimp. There are also differences in head sizes. As for size, do you want a large pup, or do you want the runt? Ask how much the dog weighs and an estimated weight gain. Keep in mind the size of your home and how big of an English Bulldog it can handle. This breed also come in a variety of colors. However, though visual aesthetics are important, most owners say that they end up going with the English Bulldog puppy that shows the most unique features and the one they fall in love with the fastest. Lastly, sex also needs to be considered. There is no real difference between the sexes, so in the end, it comes down to a personal preference.

Age is also an important determinant when purchasing an English Bulldog. Most breeders keep the puppies with their mom until they are about eight to twelve weeks old. The third month is where they learn a majority of their socialization skills, not just with other dogs but with humans as well. With English Bulldogs, individuals are better off purchasing them when they are still puppies. When it comes to training, it is much simpler to train puppies and puppies build loyalty to their owners quickly. The older the English Bulldog, the more stubborn they are when it comes to training and developing loyalty.

Lastly, always check out English Bulldog breeders carefully and thoroughly. Find out all the necessary information, such as if they are reputable or if they run a puppy mill. Do they breed strictly for profit or do they breed because of their love for the breed and their desire to place them in more households? It can be a very important decision as certain individuals have specific requirements when it comes to selecting an English Bulldog breeder. Individuals must be okay, if purchasing from an online breeder, with having the English Bulldog puppy flown to them and then picking them up at the airport. Some individuals like to hold the puppy before final purchase, however. Again, it is a personal decision up to the future owners.

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