Anyone who has English Bulldogs will cite that they are wonderful pets to have. English Bulldogs do not tend to use up a lot of room, which is good for individuals in small homes and apartments. They also have the best personality amongst various dog breeds. They are also very sociable with other dogs and children. However, for all their great traits, there is one that tends to be hard to miss ? English Bulldogs are extremely stubborn. If you do not fully understand this breed of bulldog, training them properly can be a daunting task.

The first step is to read up on this breed. English Bulldogs are stubborn, they will stare at you when you call their name to come over and not blink an eye. Sometimes, it can cause a simple walk to become a battle of wills. Their muscular physique sometimes guides the walking path, not the owner. It is important to understand that English Bulldogs are stubborn dogs. Once you keep this in your head, it becomes less frustrating when training them.

That being said, to get them out of their stubborn ways, you need to motivate them. What is the best way to motivate English Bulldogs? That would be food. If they obey your command, reward them with a treat. Break up the treat into smaller pieces so you do not cause massive weight gain when training.

Some professional dog trainers also advocate using a clicker to reinforce direction following and comprehensive understanding of training. Give the English Bulldog a command. When they obey, click the clicker once and follow instantly with a treat. When you click after they obey a command, they will begin to make associations between commands and actions. As they continue to obey commands, continue to utilize the clicker, but begin to phase out treats.

When you are using word commands with hand signals, be consistent. Nothing confuses a dog in training more than inconsistent commands and signals. Use a specific phrase along with hand signal for every command. Your English Bulldog will start to recognize it and make necessary associations. Be sure to teach everyone in the household these verbal cues and associated hand signals to maintain consistency. If you have guests that come in for a visit, also teach it to them as well.

Always practice. It will continue with consistency and aid the English Bulldogs in remembering commands and following all directions. The more you train your English Bulldog, the quicker they will learn everything. The last tip is to maintain dominance over the English Bulldog. If you do not establish dominance, the English Bulldog will believe themselves to be leader of the house and it will be very difficult to break them from this stubborn habit. Do things like enter rooms before the English Bulldog and keep them next to you at all times when walking them and not ahead of you. Also, make it so the English Bulldog waits for your permission to eat.

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