English Bulldog puppies are strong willed and full of muscle! That’s just one reason your pup should walk on a leash…and not pull you down the sidewalk! Try this technique with your English Bulldog puppy to quickly teach him to walk on his leash properly.

As you’re ready to go for your walk, get a handful of treats and go on your way. When your English Bulldog puppy gets to the end of the leash and starts to pull or walk faster than you, immediately stop walking. When he allows slack in the leash by turning to see what you’re doing or begins walking towards you, tell him to “come” and praise him with a small treat when he does. Before you start walking again, tell him to sit and praise with a small treat when he listens. Repeat these steps each time your English Bulldog puppy reaches the end of his leash and starts to pull.

After a few days of routine training, your English Bulldog puppy will realize that staying close is a good thing and being far away is not since he gets stopped and has to turn around…plus the treats aren’t at the end of the leash. Be sure to be consistent in your training in order to effectively train your pup.

Remember, every walk is a training lesson. You need to employee the same rules for him to learn what behavior is acceptable and which is not. Allowing him to get away with things sometimes will confuse him and he will not know what’s right or wrong.

Dogs that trot along at their owner’s side did not just come that way – they have owners that are dedicated to their English Bulldog puppies. Be the envy of the dog park!

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