Everyone knows the phrase, ?A dog is a man?s best friend.? When you are looking for a dog, there are a number of items to take into consideration, including lifestyle conditions and the size of the home you reside in. With so many choices, how to do you choose? Well, what about a French Bulldog? They are one of the most popular breeds currently available and great for just about anyone!

The origin of French Bulldogs is traced back to Great Britain as they are descendants of English Bulldogs. The English artisans eventually took the bulldogs and set sail for France as the country was undergoing its Industrial Revolution in the late half of the nineteenth century. The French showed increase interest in raising these dogs. After awhile, the dog evolved and developed a set of characteristics dissimilar to that of the English Bulldogs, thereby giving them the new name of French Bulldogs. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, many Americans visiting Paris fell in love with the breed and took them back to the United States.

Like other bulldogs, ?Frenchies? have compact body muscles, a dense and smooth coat, snub nose, and an extremely sturdy bone structure. What sets them apart from their English Bulldog cousins are their ears which look very bat-like. Their ears are quite round on top and have a very wide base. They also have straight, or screwed tails. This stocky breed of bulldog often weight around 28 pounds. They have very expressive, bright eyes and short, stout legs. Because their hair is very short and does not require regular grooming, they do not require a lot of maintenance ? a big plus for many individuals. If taken care of properly, French Bulldogs will often reach an age of 12 to 14.

What many enjoy about this breed is that they adapt very well to any living situation. No matter if the home is large or small; they know exactly how to fit into the living situation. As long as you provide them with a little time each day to go to a park and run around and play, they will not require too much exercise. French Bulldogs love snuggling on a couch or bed and shown affection by the members of the family. They are great indoor animals, perfect companions, and they are the watchdog for the family. The personality of a French Bulldog says it all ? they are affectionate, playful, loving, and warm. They love attention and will get it any time they can!

There are numerous reputable online breeders of French Bulldogs. They provide soon-to-be owners will all the information they need to know in raising French Bulldogs effectively. The breeder will provide training tips, food tips, and any other information necessary to ensure their French Bulldog puppies have a good home. A professional breeder wants to guarantee that they can be raised correctly and provide their owner with years upon years of happiness.

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