Dogs are man?s best friends. We always enjoy the tight bond we have for our pets however; too much closeness makes the dog too dependent to us. When this problem occurs, dog separation anxiety takes place. When the dog owner and the dog become too close, she is dependent in your presence that any degree of separation will cause him anxiety and distress. She shows signs of restlessness and confusion. What she wants at that moment is to be reunited with you.

The dog is showing sign of anxiety if when you are preparing to leave the house; you will notice that she is anxious. She will bark continuously just to gain your attention, follows you everywhere you go and becomes distress if she can not see you. Your dog becomes over excited when you come home and takes time before she calms down.

Why do dogs have separation anxiety? This is a common behavior among dogs, but in some cases there are factors that trigger separation anxiety which can be easily pinpointed. This could happen because of the change of routine, it you?ve been away for a long period of time during which the dog may experience traumatic experience while he is on his own. A good example is when lightning suddenly strikes and you are not around. The dog will show sign of anxiety, if the dog seldom leaves the house and becomes too dependent on you and when you change address or neighborhood.

Here are basic steps that may address to the problem of dog separation anxiety:

Slowly tell the dog that you need to leave the house without him and that they don?t have to be always with each others company. Ignore his behavior like barking and jumping and calm her down. Slowly, she will get used to it.

Get her used when you are inside the house, she is outside. Start with very little time apart until it increases the time apart. In this period of gradual separation, be sure that you will not leave the dog while he is distress and anxious. Divert the dog?s mind by giving him a treat or a dog toy that will keep him from missing you.

The next step is make the dog used to your activities before leaving the house. An example will be, put on your shoes and then sit down and acts as it you are not leaving. Put on a coat and pick up the car keys and sit down on the sofa. You?ll notice that if you do this often, these actions will no longer trigger his anxiety.

Keep on doing this, until your dog will become used to you leaving the house without you leaving the house. Whenever you come home, don?t make too much fuss on her especially if the dog is too excited to see you. Pay attention to her when she calm down. The greatest thing that develop between dog owner and the dog is a special experience and should exist, however, if the dog becomes too dependent, then dog separation anxiety occurs. Get more bulldog seperation anxiety tips.

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