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Photograph Hog
english bulldog rescue louisville
Picture by The Pug Father
Violet stealing the attention away from Leela.

Violet is a 3 legged Pug that arrived to us by way of Kentucky Pug Rescue about five or six years back. She had been hit by a vehicle on a highway and was identified limping along with a severely damaged entrance leg which later on had to be removed. She will get close to very properly though!

We received Leela (the English Bulldog) as a puppy who required lots and tons of health care focus. She originally had a liver shunt, which essentially allowed blood to bypass the liver, therefore permitting it to cycle via devoid of getting cleaned of toxins. The harmful toxins would create up and she would go into zombie like states, walking all around aimlessly and being unresponsive to human contact. We discovered a vet who fixed this even though spaying her which solved some issues for a bit but a few months later on she formulated a strange eye infection literally overnight which led to us obtaining her eyes removed.

Needless to say Leela has been the challenging a single to deal with but in the end she truly is a very good dog with a sweet heart.

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