In assessing whether it is profitable for one to consider a career switch to an ESL teacher, salary is obviously a driving factor.  No different from any occupation, if the pay does not correspond to effort put into gaining the required training and certification, it is best left alone like fish without proper refrigeration.  Before deciding on which side of the bandwagon to be on, an ideal starting place is to grasp what this business of ESL is about.


Teaching English as a Second Language is becoming a much sought after skill as this allows one to maintain job security past retirement age as long as one is blessed with a sound mind.  Much allure is attached to the job whereby one supposedly gets to travel to exotic lands to open the eyes and ears of its native inhabitants to the joys of the English language.  For those familiar with a British sitcom from the 70’s, teaching a language to a group of foreigners is no easy task.  In order to breach gaps due to the absence of a common ground for communication, individuals interested in this career need to be trained in handling people and foreign cultures in addition to teaching the language itself.


Although most of everyone can be equipped to perform this teaching role, an ESL teacher salary may be dictated by certain factors beyond one’s control.  Some employers prefer a native speaker as compared to one who hails from a land speaking English as a second language.  Even though they are well-versed in the intricacies of the language, this element may spell a difference in pay when confronted with a bulldog of an employer.  Once this initial hurdle is contended with, it is essential to iron out what encompasses one’s package.  Transport, accommodation and living expenses are amongst areas for negotiation and confirmation prior to one’s upending his or her life to foreign lands.  Matters are obviously simpler if the tenure is at the local language center.

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