A few good english bulldog rescue kennels photographs I found:

Golden Gate Kennel Club Canine Show: English Bulldog
english bulldog rescue kennels
Picture by RodBegbie
Joy & I were quite taken by the English bulldogs at the present. I suspect that when we’re prepared for a new dog, we may possibly get on a rescue bulldog.

Must I Get a Canine?

Canines are one of the most common pets in the globe. They have appreciated this position for a extremely lengthy time, most likely from the time ten,000 to 15,000 a long time ago when Stone Age cave dwellers lived and hunted with dogs.

If you think you want a dog, you’re following a well-established custom.

Why You May possibly Want a Dog

There are a amount of factors that individuals believe they may possibly want a canine for a pet. The most universal is the want for the companionship of an animal who will be a loyal pal for many many years. Other folks think it would be wonderful to have a watchdog to guard the home, and some men and women are interested in participating in dog shows, agility trials or other organized actions.

If you’re contemplating about acquiring a canine, it’s important to determine if you can care for him appropriately. Dogs need a number of issues from a pet mother or father:




For your dog to stay healthful, he will require to be fed properly, exercised sufficiently, groomed regularly and taken to the vet for typical checkups and shots. If you want your canine to be well-mannered and a enjoyment to be around, you will have to make positive he is thoroughly socialized and skilled, which demands paying numerous hours with him. Canines also need set schedules so they know when they’ll be fed and when they’ll be let out.

If you are a very active person who functions extended hrs and travels a lot, canine ownership may well not be for you.

Things to Contemplate Just before You Get a Canine

Owning a canine can be 1 of the most satisfying experiences you can have, but ahead of you even commence to believe about what kind of canine you may well want, you will need to ask by yourself some severe inquiries about how properly your lifestyle will match any canine.

Many folks fall in enjoy with a cute puppy at a pet store and provide it home only to face a brutal fact. That cute puppy will have to be taken out to alleviate himself 1st point in the morning. Each and every single morning. Even weekend mornings. Even if it’s raining or snowing or one hundred degrees in the shade. And he’ll have to go out far more than as soon as a day, sometimes various instances much more than the moment, particularly when he’s young.

That’s just the begin. Right here are some other issues to seriously take into account prior to plunging into dog ownership:

Allergic reactions

A bad allergic reaction to canines in a member of your family can outcome in your acquiring to locate a new home for the dog–a unfortunate encounter for everyone. Some men and women are severely allergic and cannot even live in a home where a canine has lived. Other individuals are considerably much less bothered and can make changes so that they can live comfortably with a pet. An allergy may possibly be to the dog’s saliva, hair or dander. Not all dogs cause the very same allergic response. Certain breeds are recognized to be less allergenic because they shed very little or not at all. These incorporate the Chinese crested, which has no hair, and breeds, which can range in size, like as a Basenji, Bichon Frise, and a Common Poodle.

What Do You Want in a Dog?

Is your primary concern to have a house pet who will be a very good companion? Do you want an athletic canine who can go with you when you run? Will you take your canine on camping trips and will he have to be huge sufficient to carry his personal food? Do you want a canine that can be a credible watchdog and guardian? Do you want to display the dog? Do you want to take part in agility, obedience or subject trials? You will want to study the distinct breeds and then discuss to breeders and members of neighborhood canine clubs to find out what qualities will greatest fit your expectations.

Can Your Children Modify?

Kids adore puppies, but both kids and puppies want supervision. Youngsters can play too tough with a puppy, and a youthful kid will not comprehend that the puppy is tired and wants to relaxation. A puppy who is harm or tired of playing is probably to growl and snap, and sometimes bite, to get the little one to leave him by yourself. An older canine can be a severe risk if he is not utilized to children. There is 1 rule In no way to be damaged: Infants and toddlers should by no means be left unsupervised with a canine, no matter how significantly you trust the canine.

Can Your Other Pets Modify?

If you currently have pets, you will will need to consider how the canine will adjust to them and they to him. If you have cats that have by no means been all around a canine, you may possibly have a prolonged period of adjustment or the mix may well not perform at all. Puppies will normally discover to dwell with cats if care is taken that the first meeting is not too traumatic. If you are contemplating an older dog, attempt to come across out how he has previously reacted to other pets.

How Significantly Area Do You Have for a Canine?

This is an essential consideration. A large, lively dog, like as a retriever or German shepherd can run and play in a large, fenced-in lawn. Typically, even though, the canine doesn’t do significantly playing if you aren’t available to be with him, and he will just lounge all around on the grass just as he would if he had been inside on his dog bed. Huge dogs can be content even in an apartment if they get a prolonged walk or two each day.


Unless of course you live in the nation and spend a fantastic offer of time exterior with your dog, he will not be pleased as a strictly outside dog. Outside should be for playing and exercising. A canine should by no means be left outdoors in hot weather conditions with out shade and water or in cold climate without well-insulated shelter. If your canine spends a lot time outside, he will will need a fenced-in property or a large kennel.

Can You Find the money for a Canine?

Your dog will have to be fed and groomed and supplied with toys and treats. You may possibly want to take him to obedience classes. If you journey sometimes on organization or you’re going on trips and can’t take your dog, you will need to arrange to board him or to employ a canine sitter who will get care of him in your house.

Veterinary Care

Your canine will will need typical veterinary checkups, which will contain vaccinations, worming and flea and tick prevention. A medical emergency can charge a number of hundred bucks. As your canine ages, he may possibly create chronic health circumstances that require normal visits to the vet. Veterinary expenses fluctuate from metropolis to metropolis. If you have not owned a pet before, you may well want to call to see what the rates are in your place.


If you really don’t have time to groom your canine, really don’t have the amenities to give him a bath conveniently, or if he demands distinctive grooming, you will require to shell out for a professional groomer. You will also require brushes and combs for maintenance.


Canines are required to be licensed. Charges are set by the county or the metropolis and vary extensively. To come across out about licensing, call your county animal handle workplace. Your vet and the local animal shelter will also know exactly where you ought to go to obtain a license.

Workout and Companionship – Do You Have Time?

Some dogs need only a short walk the moment or twice a day, even though others are created to run all day. Be truthful when you think about what level of standard physical exercise will be cozy for you. If you have a heavy work schedule, taking the dog for a walk in the evening may be a burden instead than a enjoyment. An lively canine who only gets real exercise on weekends and holidays is likely to be unsatisfied, not to mention bored and destructive. In addition to physical exercise, your canine desires time with you. If you have a full function schedule and a active social life, your canine is probable to be lonely, bored and destructive.

Dimension and Vitality Degree of the Canine

Just before you even assume about acquiring a youthful, hugely energetic canine, these kinds of as a golden retriever, you will need to ask your self if you are sturdy enough to handle and exercise a canine that will want to run and play and that could simply knock you down by accident. Really don’t acquire a puppy that will turn into a 150-pound athlete if your vitality level is far more attuned to a stroll with a toy poodle.

Is Your Lifestyle Secure?

One prevalent reason that canines are provided up to animal shelters is that the owner has had to move, and the new dwelling quarters do not allow pets. Or the owner has married, and the new partner does not like canines. Are you likely to move frequently? Is your household life steady? Does your position demand you to journey typically or for extended periods of time?

Puppy or Older Canine?

Most individuals immediately assume about puppies when they feel about acquiring a dog. While puppies are cute and exciting, there are positive aspects in acquiring an older dog. It really is a lot easier to housetrain an older canine. Puppies really don’t physically have the ability for holding their urine for lengthy period of time and must be taken out frequently. You will not have to wait for an older dog to grow up to see what dimension he will be or what variety of temperament he will have, and if you get your dog from an animal shelter or a rescue organization, you will probably be saving his lifestyle.

The 1st Measures

If soon after getting go through all this, you still want a dog, congratulations! You’re almost certainly keen to take the very first action, and you want to dash out to the pet keep, or the breeder, or the shelter, or the rescue organization, but do not rush out and pick up a canine just but. It is important that you get the time to examine as much as you can about deciding on, introducing and retaining a canine. Browse via the other articles on our net website. Verify books out of the public library or visit a bookstore.