If the English Bulldog happens to be your favorite breed of dog and you want to make one part of your family, you’ll be pleased to learn that he is a wonderful companion with many excellent canine traits.   He has a sense of humor, a strong sense of loyalty and devotion, is dependable, affectionate towards children and dependent upon human attention. He makes a pleasant pal and will provide you with great company.

However, although the English Bulldog, like almost any other canine makes for a fantastic pet, there are things you need to know about the breed before you make any final decisions to get the pooch.

Below are some fast facts about bullies of which you may or may not be aware:

  • Males weigh approximately 55 pounds and females 45.  Bulldogs stand between 12-15 inches at the withers.  They are heavy, stocky and built low to the ground.
  • The coat colors include solid white, fawn, red, piebald, fallow, brindle and various shades of brindle.  The texture of the hair is smooth, appears straight, is short and very close to the body.  The fur of the English Bulldog does shed regularly
  • Though their appearance suggests otherwise, bull-dogs are a gentle and non-vicious breed.  While they can be jealous and show signs of food or toy possessiveness, they are not typically aggressive towards people or other pets.  This makes them great watchdogs but not the best guard dogs in the world.
  • Being naturally stubborn, obedience training and socialization are a must to ensure a friendly and well-behaved canine that knows his place.
  • The English Bulldog requires weekly coat brushing with a firm bristled brush and daily cleaning of their wrinkles to prevent them from developing skin problems.
  • They should be exercised and walked a few times during the day.  However, these pooches should not be taken out in extreme hot temperatures as they are very sensitive to the climate and can easily become overheated and suffer heat stroke because of their flat nose.
  • The average bully lives about 8 – 10 years.  They are prone to many health issues so it is important that you obtain a pup from a reputable breeder.

It helps to know everything you can about an English Bulldog.  Therefore, do your best to become an expert so you can ensure that your lifestyle is compatible for this pet.