English Bulldog Training To Stop Your Bully From Pulling.

There are many parts to english bulldog training and plenty of commands to teach.  Furthermore once you begin to teach your bully you will discover that there is a certain technique involved when giving lessons, because attempting to educate and keep the interest of a stubborn pooch is often a task that is easier said than done.

Nevertheless, once english bulldog training begins you will quickly realize the only way your pet will not learn is if you let him have his own way.   You need to show you are more stubborn than he is, have patience, keep lessons short and consistently teach the same commands until he fully understands what you want of him.

For instance, if you have a bull dog that pulls when you walk him, what are you doing to correct his behavior?  Do you consistently give him a good yank of the leash and come to a complete stop until he pays attention to you and stops pulling?  Or do you only halt him every once in a while and let him drag you the rest of the way? If you are not being consistent your pal will never learn.

Here is what you need to do to accomplish english bulldog training that will successfully stop your canine from taking you for a walk:

– If you are walking your four-legged friend with a harness you will want to stop this right now. A harness gives you no control over you dog.  Bullies are strong and should be walked with a short lead (no longer than 6 inches) and a collar.  There are different types of collars on the market that may prove helpful, such as the martingale, which fits loosely around the neck and only tightens when the dog pulls.  Another example is the halti harness which steers dogs from the chest.

Second – Any time your english bull dog pulls immediately stop and plant your feet in place.  Do not move until the tension lets up on the leash.  Instantly praise and reward with a small treat.  Do this every time he pulls.  However, only give treats every once in a while but always praise him.  Don’t expect a long first walk.

Third – When he is walking nicely and not pulling be sure to praise him and tell him how great he is as you’re walking, rewarding with the occasional cookie.

Finally, another good english bulldog training tip for pulling is to change directions on your pet each time he attempts to pull.  This may prove more effective than always standing still.  This action gets his attention and makes him remember who he’s walking with and who is in control.