Learn About An English Bulldog Rescue Before Assuming You Are A Candidate For Adopting

Thankfully, non-profit organizations, such as an english bulldog rescue, exists.  Without these dog rescues, thousands upon thousands of bullies would be homeless and meet a cruel and untimely end.  There are already so many dogs that are not fortunate enough to have a second chance at being loved by a good family, which is why these volunteer organizations are so important.

Anyone who is interested in obtaining a bully should consider an english bulldog rescue as an option, especially those who are not ready to handle the full-time task of caring for a puppy.  However, it is imperative that anyone who wants to take part in rescuing a pooch understands that there is more to adoption than showing up on the doorstep of a shelter and being handed a bull dog.  The following is what you need to be aware of:

  • Rescued bulldogs are not free.  An adoption fee (though relatively low) is almost always required and the amount you will be expected to pay usually varies on the age and health of a dog.  The fee helps the volunteers support the other canines in their care, and also covers some of the vet bills that were incurred by the bull you want to adopt.
  • Not everyone is eligible for adoption.  Aside from having to meet an age requirement, an english bulldog rescue will want to investigate you and make sure your lifestyle and home is suitable to one of the dogs the have.
  • After completing an adoption form you will then be placed on a waiting list.  This list does not operate on a first-come-first-serve basis however.  remember, their goal is to match bull-dogs with someone that has the best compatibility.  Thus, there is no guarantee of when you can expect to obtain a pet or if you ever will.
  • Rescued english bulldogs are usually spayed or neutered so that they cannot be bred.  They are also not eligible for official kennel club competitions.

Finally, keep in mind that not all english bulldog rescue organizations are the same and will likely have varying regulations.  Therefore, make sure you contact the one you are interested in first or visit their website to find out everything you need to know about rescuing one of their pooches.