English bulldog puppies, though very sweet and relatively good dogs, can develop a not so pleasant characteristic known as dog food aggression.  This is when your pooch becomes overly protective of his food and will snarl, growl, and/or bark while attempting to keep you at a distance from his food.  This is not normal behavior and is not something that should ever be encouraged.  Possessiveness is never a quality you want your bully to have, even as a pup.

You might find it cute when you see english bulldog puppies show aggression and act tough and protective, but you won’t find it so darling when he becomes a full grown dog, you can’t control him and the situation evolves into something more dangerous.

When a pup is aggressive during feeding time what he’s telling you is to back off because this is his food not yours.  Though you might think there is nothing wrong with this, as your pooch is entitled to eat and you aren’t the least bit interested in munching on dog food, the reality is by letting him get away with it you are giving up your position as the alpha in your household.  Thus, you are allowing him to think he now has control over you.

Canine possession aggression needs to be dealt with in an appropriate manner immediately.  It doesn’t matter if it suddenly occurs or you feel there is a good reason why it is happening.  English bulldog puppies need to know this is not acceptable behavior and it will not be tolerated. The following are some suggestion on how you can effectively correct the issue:

  • If your bully is aggressive towards another pet while eating, the best method is to feed the animals in separate rooms at meal time.
  • Make sure your whole family or as many household members as possible are in the room when your puppy eats to get him used to eating around a lot of people.  This can also help prevent the bad behavior from developing.
  • Only feed english bulldog puppies once you and your family are finished eating.  The bull dog knows by instinct that the alpha and the rest of the pack who are above him eat first.
  • Make him sit and wait before he is allowed to eat.
  • Gently stroke and talk to him while he eats to get him used to contact.
  • Hand-feed him some of his meal to make it clear that you are the one who supplies him food.

Basically, the more you show your english bulldog puppies where their place is in the pack and make feeding a social event, the less of a problem you will have with aggression.  On that note, always make sure the rest of the people who reside in your home use the same tactics as you, so you don’t confuse your pooch.