Here is some English Bulldog Information You May Not Discover When Researching The Basics

Learning english bulldog information is essential if you not only want to own a bulldog but also become a good canine owner.  The best place to find out the various details about this breed is by consulting diverse sources including Internet resources, digital and/or hardcopy books, asking breeders, veterinarians and owners. 

While you shouldn’t have a problem finding out fundamental english bulldog information, keep in mind that you should learn other tidbits that you might also find interesting and may be important to know.  For instance, consider the following:

– Don’t expect your flat faced pooch to be a quiet little sleeper.  In fact it is not uncommon for them to snore quite loudly.   You cannot train this habit out of your canine it is part of their physical characteristics that you will need to learn to live with.

Slobbering – Though they are not overly slobbery –unless they are overheated –you should expect a certain degree of drool, especially after they take a drink.  It’s almost guaranteed that the last mouthful of water will be dribbled wherever they go or on whomever they touch.

A non-vicious breed – Often when someone seeks out english bulldog information they are expecting to read somewhere that this tough four-legged wonder has a nasty streak that needs to be watched or controlled.  The reality is the bull dog is one of the gentlest breeds you could own.  Their stocky powerful appearance, scrunched face and bull baiting history mislead people into thinking the worst of them.  Rest assured, while all dogs require proper obedience training, bulldogs make wonderful and mild mannered pets.  Thus, if you are looking for a guard to watch your home, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Molting – Shedding is a natural part of these pooches, so you should expect plenty of fur to be left around your home year-round and especially during molting season.  However, you can help control this issue by ensuring you give him a good brushing a few times per week.

Other pets and children – Bullies are generally compatible with cats and are fine with children as long as young kids are supervised as little ones can be easily knocked down by boisterous dogs.  On the other hand, bull-dogs are not always friendly towards fellow poochies that live with them.  They are known for their jealous nature and can be quite possessive over food, toys and humans.  However, not all are the same, and if provided with the right socialization and training as a pup, a bully may be fine with others of his kind.

Finally, bear in mind that just as english bulldog information is important, so is finding a reputable breeder.  These canines are prone to health problems so it is imperative that you choose one that has been bred by people who care about the wellbeing of the breed and have carefully selected the sires and dams for their program to ensure strong and healthy bulldogs.