The English Bulldog has a short, smooth, and fine coat that uniformly covers the body. This breed doesn’t have furnishings on the belly, chest, and legs, but are wrinkly in the skin on their heads, on the chest, and around the tail.


The English Bulldog requires to be walked daily to fulfill their primal instinct to walk. They should be given sufficient amounts of exercise as they are likely to have behavioral problems if not exercised amply. It is important for this breed to be made to heel beside the person holding the lead, as this gives them the idea that the human is the leader of their pack.


English Bulldogs are known to be everlasting puppies. While the typical dog matures from twelve to eighteen months, most of the bulldogs only reach maturity when they reach 36 months. They are known to have a chewing habit, usually lasting up to 24 months, but can keep some of this behavior throughout their life, so it is imperative to train them to divert their chewing into safe objects.  


The English Bulldog is very popular as one of the gentlest breeds. Originally bred as bull baits, this breed may seem intimidating, but is actually affectionate and placid. They generally do well with children, and can tolerate child’s play.


The short-haired English Bulldog is very easy to groom. Brushing with a firm-bristle brush regularly with bathing only when necessary should be sufficient for this breed. Wiping their face with a damp cloth daily should be done to clean the insides of their skin folds.


Training the English Bulldog requires a trainer who knows how to work with this dominant type of breed. This breed is highly intelligent, thoughtful, and do not really jump into new activities or situation without them thinking it over first. Due to the fact that the older the English Bulldog gets, the slower it moves, it is imperative to remember that this may take a few seconds to act in response to the command.

Owners should take note that the English Bulldog is highly sensitive to punishment, and hardly ever be disobedient intentionally once they outgrow their puppyhood. Obedience classes are highly advisable for this breed as some may be stubborn and hard to train. The English Bulldog does best with short and repetitive training methods, rather than a long training.


The English Bulldog is a stocky short-nosed dog that loves attention. They are gentle, loving, and very reliable making them delightful companion dogs for adults and children. Although they love human companion, they also do well with other dogs, and cats, even. Owners should keep in mind that they are always looking for guidance from their masters.

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