Cleansing Skin Folds Is A Daily Part Of English Bulldog Care

English bulldog care is not only a matter of ensuring you take him to the vet for his annual checkup or anytime he becomes sick, a large part of keeping him healthy is regular grooming.  A well groomed bully is one who receives weekly brushings, tooth brushing, ear cleanings, monthly nail clippings and daily skin cleaning.

Cleansing the skin is a necessary part of english bulldog care because this breed has folds on their face and around their tail.  If you do not make the effort to clean these areas every day, you put your pooch at risk of developing a condition known as fold dermatitis.  This is when the skin under the wrinkles becomes infected, due to a build up of bacteria that was encouraged to grow from the warm moist environment, caused by a lack of airflow to the hidden flesh underneath the crinkles.

Since this type of dermatitis can be very uncomfortable and painful for bullies, and if left without proper treatment can lead to a serious problem, such as a pooch needing to have his tail removed, keeping these rumpled facial and tail parts dirt-free and dry is a must.

Is cleaning wrinkles a difficult part of english bulldog care?  Not at all.  In fact, if you do it on a daily basis and familiarize your pet with it when he is a puppy, the procedure should be quite quick and easy.  Here is the simple process you need to follow:

1.    Use a gentle soap.  It’s a good idea to ask your vet what brand is best.  He/she will likely recommend a germicidal soap that you can either purchase from them or from your local drugstore.

2.    Combine the soap with a damp fresh wash cloth and carefully and gently clean in, around and under the skin folds.  Make sure you avoid the eye area.

3.    Fully dry the creases you washed with a soft cloth to ensure that any left-over moisture is taken care of.  Remember, leaving any dampness can increase sensitivity and raise the risk of problems.

Some owners find that applying powder, such as corn starch, also helps with english bulldog care for their wrinkled coat.  The reason is it assists in keeping the area dry.  Additionally, if your bull dog happens to be one of the unlucky pups prone to irritation, you can also apply a cream that is designed to help heal and relive skin from chafing while protecting it from infection.  Be sure to talk to you vet about the best cleaning and healing products prior to applying any of your own homemade remedies or store-bought items to ensure your bully’s safety and wellbeing.