The history of English Bulldogs date back many years, and the popularity of this breed has continued to grow inexplicably. Most individuals attribute it to the cuteness displayed by English Bulldog puppies and how it is so hard to say ?no? after looking at them and picking them up. If you are considering an English Bulldog for a pet, find a reputable online breeder and they will go through all the basic ?ins and outs? of what it takes to own English Bulldogs. Breeders want to certify that the individual wanting a dog of this breed understand what it takes to take proper care of it. The more potential English Bulldog owners know, the better they will be able to give this breed a long, healthy, and happy life.

Possibly one of the most important thing English Bulldog breeders stress to owners of this breed is that these dogs do require exercise. English Bulldogs are extremely prone to weight gain if they are not exercised daily. Although English Bulldog puppies do not need so much exercise, owners of an adult English Bulldog are told to take their dog on walks daily to not only avoid weight gain, but also to help curb various behavioral problems. English Bulldogs are excellent companion pets and always make sure to be by the side of their master. If they are left alone in a home for extended periods of time, they can become quite destructive. Therefore, a good candidate for being an English Bulldog owner is someone who is not away from their home very often and has time to train and play with the dog.

One of the biggest advantages of English Bulldogs is that because they are a relatively small dog and they do not bark so often, they are great for small homes and apartments. English Bulldog puppies are not known for being ?yappy,? like other puppy breeds and the only loud noises you will hear from your adult English Bulldog is snoring and the occasional bout of indigestion. Many breeders recommend English Bulldogs because they are great guard dogs and also very gentle to their owners and children.

It is very important for English Bulldog breeders to guarantee that the home they are sending the puppy to is a good home. They also want to certify that the owner is well-informed and extremely knowledgeable about this breed. Because they are prone to certain health conditions, it remains essential for English Bulldog owners to understand what to do to maintain the health and wellness of their dog and what to look for if the dog is sick. It will greatly decrease the likelihood of the English Bulldog being later turned over to an animal shelter because the owner did not have full knowledge on the responsibilities associated with this highly popular breed.

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