English bull dog health is a matter that needs to be taken very seriously.  Bulldogs are susceptible to many illnesses and naturally struggle with different issues including breathing problems because of their flat nose; heatstroke from hot temperatures; dry eyes; dry nose and skin infections that occur in the wrinkled areas of their body.  Thus, knowing how to properly groom your bully and doing your best to keep him cool is important to their wellbeing.

However, when it comes to actual health conditions and diseases that an english bull dog is at an increased risk for, the best way to protect him is to take him for his annual vet checkup and keep a close eye on his physical condition.  That way, if you ever notice anything out of the ordinary, you can bring it to your veterinarian’s attention.  Should it turn out your pooch is suffering from an ailment, catching it early usually offers your pet with the best chance of quick treatment and recovery.

What types of health conditions should a bulldog owner be aware of?  Aside from cancer, which any dog can develop anywhere on their body, the following are some, but not all of the illnesses that have the potential to affect this breed:

  • Patellar dysplasia – This is when the kneecap bone does not grow as it should, causing the english bull dog to have pain in the loosened joint.
  • Cleft lip – The two upper halves of the lips do not meet.
  • Cherry eye – The gland under the third eyelid sticks out.  It is puffy and red in color resembling a cherry.
  • Entropian – The eyelases turn in instead of growing outwards.  This causes them to rub against the eyeball and if not corrected can scratch the cornea and cause permanent eye damage or blindness.
  • Muzzle Pyoderma – An infectious skin disease that occurs on the muzzle of the english bull dog.
  • Elbow or hip dysplasia – Malformation of either joint that causes the canine extreme pain.
  • Folliculitis – Hair follicle infection.
  • Circulatory Arteriovenous fistula – an irregular link that develops between the veins and arteries.
  • Mitral valve defects – When the mitral valve of the heart is plagued with a group of abnormalities.

Understand, not all of these health problems will be something you have to face as an english bull dog owner.  Some of these conditions simply occur with age, while others are hereditary.  Thus, you need to ensure you safeguard the wellbeing of your dog by obtaining him from a trustworthy breeder, providing him with a healthy lifestyle and regular vet visits.