American bulldogs are quickly becoming a favorite with dog owners because of their distinct look and characteristics. Although it is a single breed there are several variations. Hybrids are when the breed is actually combined with one of the types of bulldogs. All of these types of bulldogs will vary in structure and appearance but the basic characteristics will still remain the same. 

The Standard Breed

The standard type of American bulldogs are also referred to as Performance breed or even as Scott bulldogs. These dogs are basically much less wrinkled compared to the other types and they have smooth skin around the skull. These standard dogs look much like pit bulls because of their wide and smooth heads. The snouts are a little longer than the other variations and they tend to be taller. These dogs are known to be aggressive but they can be trained well to stop any type of aggressive or negative behavior in them. 


Southern Bulldogs

Another variation of the American bulldogs is the southern variety. These dogs are also known as White English dogs since they are pure white. These are wrinkly and larger when compared to the British variety. Often, these are known to be the true variety of bulldogs and so they are generally mated with pure variations. 

The Painter

The Painter or Margentina is another variation of the bulldogs. These are the smallest in the breed but are also stronger. Initially, these dogs had been bred to be used for dog fighting. Supposedly these dogs are more aggressive than all the other variations. Often these dogs were bred with the pit bulls to make them more aggressive and strong but it may as well be a myth. Johnson Bulldogs are the classic variation. These are the dogs that most people would associate when they think of a bulldog. Basically, this variety is larger than all the other variations and they have a stunted appearance. These dogs also have wrinkled faces and lips, just like what most people would think the breed to be. 

A hybrid maybe a combination of any of these four variations and very often these dogs are healthier. However, there would be a number of things to keep in mind when purchasing hybrids. There might often be temperament or other types of health issues in hybrids if the breeding is not done right. Often times, these dogs may be bred only to produce the traits and features that are desirable. Usually these dogs have less health issues or aggression. Keeping the traits and features of the variations of American bulldogs would make it easier for you to select one that is most suitable for you and your family.

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