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According to the Bulldog Club of America, bulldogs are among the 25 most popular breeds in the country. The English Bulldogs make some popular pets because they tend to be loyal and good-natured, making them ideal as family pets. However, they are prone to certain conditions and genetic defects, such as hip dysplasia as well as the general health problems that can plague any dog. It is important to buy a healthy English Bulldog puppy to help avoid heartbreak.

Really, buying a dog is like finding a new friend especially those dog breeds that are proven to be extremely loyal like the English bulldog puppy. Such dogs are known to offer you the comfort, love and relaxing company that you will ever need especially when you come home tired form loads of work in the office or school.

No wonder, some people do not just go for any kind of dog, they particularly look for the pure bred English bulldog puppy which is actually well-known for being called the “perpetual puppy”.The English bulldog puppy is called as such because despite growing into maturity, its looks remain the same resembling that of a puppy the whole time it stays with you. Its legs are actually short and small; while the head is round and big and it does not have a long snout like other dogs.


The Bull Dog has such breed is even more popularly known as the “bull dog” since they used to be the breed of dog used for bull baiting as well as bullfighting during the earlier times. The English bulldog puppy is in fact, thin-skinned and thus, susceptible to warmer temperatures.

And so, if you decide to buy one and make sure to store some chewing toys for your new English bulldog puppy because even when they grow older, they are still so fond of chewing things. This way, you will be able to prevent such dogs from chewing on your doors or worse, your furniture. Also, make it a point to secure them in a spot where they will be well-lit and well-ventilated so as to maintain that clean smell in them.

Finally, choosing your English bulldog puppy and buying it, make sure that you have visited several pet stores to see how such dogs are being treated by their caregivers. Do some research to make sure you really want to buy an English Bulldog puppy. The Bulldog Information Library, because of their short snouts, English Bulldogs tend to drool and snore. You must be prepared to deal with these quirks.

Now, try to Contact several likely breeders and ask them for references. Then, Contact all of the references and ask about the health of their English Bulldogs as well as their satisfaction with the breeder and the overall purchase experience. If a breeder is reluctant to give referrals, cross her off the list.

Then Narrow down your breeder list based on feedback from the referrals and make an appointment to see the English Bulldog puppies at the breeders on your short list. As difficult it may be able to resolve not to purchase a puppy on your first visit to any of the breeders.

As you visit each breeder, make note of the cleanliness of the facility and the general health of the breeding dogs and puppies. They insist on seeing where the dogs are kept and seeing the parents as well as the puppies.

Ask each breeder about her policy for returns and how she handles puppies that turn out to have health problems and genetic defects. English Bulldogs are prone to certain conditions that can range from mild skin conditions to crippling problems like hip dysplasia. Make sure you choose the veterinarian rather than using the breeder’s doctor, as that can cause a conflict of interest. Finally, you should have a reasonable confidence which is healthy and safe to purchase.

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