The American bulldogs are a descendent of English bulldogs. These dogs had been close to extinction post World War II and it was because of careful breeding of John Summerville that they are now amongst us in America. These dogs are basically a working breed which are known to be great hunters, very loyal and a good pet for the family. In fact, quite a lot of these bulldogs are also known to be courageous and bravery when it comes to defending the masters. 

Types and Variations

Basically there are two variations of American bulldogs- standard and classic. The standard ones are also known as performance or Scott while the Classic variety are also known as Bully or Johnson. However, there may be several hybrids and combination of both these varieties. The standard variety tends to be stocky and short which sometimes makes them similar to pit bulls. Otherwise, these variations tend to look similar. These dogs are basically white with a few patches of red or brindle. They have wiry and short coat which may be rough or bristly when touched. This breed will need regular brushing and bath. A stiff bristle works fine with their coat. These dogs also have very strong jaws so their heads look strong and very boxy. 

Size and Weight

Before you think about purchasing American bulldogs it is also important that you know about their size. The males will reach a height of up to 27 inches on an average with weight up to 125 pounds. Females tend to have a height up to 25 inches and weight of up to 100 pounds. This breed tends to live up to 16 years on an average. Their English cousins had been bred to be working dogs to help herd and cattle. The American version still has a few of the characteristics including their strong personality. Although these dogs are protectors and fierce as guard dogs, they tend to be gentle and suitable around children and other pets in the family. 

At times these dogs are not aware of their weight and how strong they are. For this reason it is important for owners to supervise them when they are around children, especially infants. The breed may be a little difficult to train since they tend to be a little stubborn at times. However, they will obey with consistent training. These dogs are also suitable for apartments since they are not very active indoors. However, exercise would be very important for these dogs and they will have to be taken out once a day at least. American bulldogs mostly healthy with very few health related problems.

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