American Bulldogs are mostly descendants of English Bulldogs, and they were near extinction after World War II. John Summerville is the man who should be given the credit for bringing them back by careful breeding. They are the one who are loved here in America a lot. The breed is known as good hunters and they are one of the breeds that are working. They are very loyal, and thus a good family dog. In addition, these dogs commonly known to be very courageous and gutsy when they have to protect their owners.

Types of Bulldogs

Classic and the standard are the two varieties of the American bulldogs. Standard variety is dogs that have been designated as the Scott. The breed known as Classic is the one that is also called the Bully and another name is Johnson. Although there are many different hybrids with countless combinations of two varieties, the basic characteristics remain the same. The breed standard is short and sturdy and looks very similar to the pit bulls. These dogs are usually white with some red or brindle. They have a short coat, and the nervous system that can be hard or rough to the touch. One has to invest time in cleaning and brushing them on daily basis. Make sure that the brush is stiff. As the jaw is strong these American bull dogs look boxy.


Weight and Size

For those considering bringing home American Bulldogs, it is important to take into account the size and weight of the American bull dogs. On an average the Males are as tall as 27 inches and their weight measures up to125 pounds. On the other hand the Females are 25 inches tall and 100 kilos. The average age of these dogs is 16 years. The variety of English have been raised to help the herd of cattle. Some of its features have been sent to the American variety. Although known to have a strong personality, are fierce and protective as guard dogs, which are also very gentle and get along well with other pets and children in families.

It may be so that the dog is not aware of its own weight and may not even know how strong it is, therefore it is the duty of the owner to train it in this respect. This means when they mingle with the infants in the family they must be aware. If trained well they will abide by your words. One can keep them indoors as they are active there. Just train the American bulldogs perfectly and enjoy their company.

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